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Lions of Scotland focuses in on the history of the Hume family. During times of constant war and strife between Scotland and England it was the duty of the Hume family, led by the Lords of Hume Castle, to defend and protect the borderlands. While this is a work of fiction and Greenlaw does take liberties with filling in details and embellishing the truth for the sake of a fictional work all of the main events and the characters themselves are rooted in historical fact. It is so easy to get wrapped up with the history of Scotland in the 16th century and entwined in the lives of the Hume family.

This novel is approximately pages and is, at first glance, quite intimidating. Initially concerned about the time commitment to read Lions of Scotland I found that I read through it much faster than expected. There are so many battles and so much strategy and intrigue to keep the story moving that there is no room for slow lagging story filler.

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The love and loss tugs at the heart and readers are continually entices to read just one more page…and then another…and then oh just one more! Lions of Scotland is so much more than just another historical fiction novel about 16th century Europe. It has so much to entertain a reader! In this book there is war with victories and defeat, an amazing family that that grows in love and endures through loss, the country overcomes trials and struggles due to indecisive rulers, a crumbling church and religious culture, witchcraft and treason, treachery and murder.

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Jan 05, Nassem Al-Mehairi rated it it was amazing. Scotland has experienced a long and tumultuous history.

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It is believed that the first hunter-gatherers arrived in Scotland around 12, years ago, but the first recorded history comes from the Romans. This book focuses on that struggle in the years of primarily the 16th century. This book is split into 2 parts: part 1 about Alexander "Alec" Lord Hume, who is focused on from around the 's to , and part 2 about his nephew, also named Alexander "Alec" Hume, who is focused on from around to I must admit that I absolutely loved this book. It, even at pages, kept the story going with great excitement. We see love and hate, marriage and heartbreak, extreme desire for heirs and usurpations, and how these can all haunt a people for a very long time.

View 1 comment. Aug 27, Nicua rated it it was amazing. This historical novel of Scotland during the time of Henry VIII is written in a manner similar to other great classics. There is a tone and mood to the book that sets it far above others of its genre. This is a beautiful, historical account of the Humes, a strong, resilient family whose job it was to protect and warden the borderlands.

The 16th century suddenly becomes live and tangible as the reader is drawn into a maelstrom of battles, loss, love, intrigue and warring powers.

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There is a gentle t This historical novel of Scotland during the time of Henry VIII is written in a manner similar to other great classics. There is a gentle thread of a love story throughout the book which tugs at your heart and makes the characters so much more relatable as they experience and go through love found and lost as well as betrayal, hope and new beginnings.

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Greenlaw has a descriptive skill that brings history to life as he recounts the intricate, tragic and frightening battles as well as reveals the difficult decisions and choices that the rulers had to make - which often ended in massive loss of life. The skilled recounting of a turbulent history is captivating as well as fascinating. I loved this book, it was like reliving history through the lives of brave, valiant and determined Scots, whose love for their beautiful land and fellow men gave them bravery beyond normal means.

I am proud to have this book in my library and looking forward to more books from this author. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Thomas E. Thomas E.

Books by Thomas E. Trivia About Lions of Scotland:. No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. However, if it's raining and the weather can turn in an instant here, so definitely be prepared to get wet , there's still an eerie beauty to the place. And hey, what better excuse than to enjoy it through the window of a cosy pub? Stirling Castle 73 Tours and Activities In a country of castles, Stirling Castle may just be the ultimate royal stronghold. In fact, it was once rumored to be the home of King Arthur and his knights. Like Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle dominates the surroundings, looming over it from a plug of volcanic rock.

This impressive pile has seen it all, from a sacking by Robert the Bruce to the coronation of the infant Mary Queen of Scots to the premiere of the movie Braveheart in The castle has been involved in some famous battles most notably the Battle of Bannockburn, after which Robert the Bruce took the castle from the English , but it was also a royal residence. The Stewart monarchs roamed the gardens, watching archery, playing bowls and mingling with peacocks and cranes.

Mary Queen of Scots is said to have fell in love here. Kings hunted red deer and wild boar in the park. An angler paradise with plenty trouts and salmons, Loch Lomond is also highly appreciated by hikers and watersports amateurs alike. On your way to the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, visit Stirling Castle, Scotland's most important medieval stronghold and a popular day trip from Edinburgh.

Watched over by the striking Edinburgh Castle, the Old Town is most famous for the central boulevard which runs between the hilltop castle and the Royal Palace of Holyrood, four sequential streets known as the Royal Mile. The main starting point for walking tours of the city, the Royal Mile is teeming with landmark buildings and iconic sights. The final section of the Royal Mile, Canongate, is the most architecturally varied, with the 16th century Canongate Tollbooth and Canongate Kirk, the modern Scottish Parliament complex and the wacky Our Dynamic Earth building. The bridge and its associated railway infrastructure is owned by Network Rail.

It also transports approximately local and intercity trains across the Forth every single day. Alnwick Castle 8 Tours and Activities Alnwick Castle has been home to the aristocratic Percy family, who hold the ancient title of the Dukes of Northumberland. It is one of the largest inhabited castles in the UK and is now perhaps best known as the setting for Hogwarts Academy in the Harry Potter movies. Starting life at the end of the 11th century as a Norman motte and bailey defence castle, Alnwick has expanded piecemeal and been consistently restored down the centuries; a visit today encompasses architectural styles from medieval through Gothic and on to Italianate neo-classicism.

Like its majestic companion, it's riddled with some of Scotland's most potent history. The Abbey in the grounds was founded in , and the palace itself is baroque. She was married here, lived here and saw her secretary murdered here. As you'd expect, the apartments are lavishly decorated and the collection of tapestries and paintings top-notch. Drift around the gardens and make believe you're a monarch. Falkland Palace 31 Tours and Activities Once the favored countryside retreat of the Stuart kings and queens, the magnificent Falkland Palace has seen a long list of famous royals pass through its grand gateway.

First built as a hunting lodge in the 12th century, the residence was transformed into a French Renaissance-style palace in the 16th century by King James IV and King James V, complete with 3 hectares of parks, orchards and flower gardens. Now a National Trust property, Falkland Palace is a popular tourist attraction and an easy day trip from Edinburgh, offering visitors a fascinating insight into the lavish lives of the Scottish royals.

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As well as exploring the beautifully restored Royal Apartments and drawing room, visitors can take a peek at the Royal Chapel, admire the fine artworks on display in the Tapestry Gallery and Edwardian Library, visit the Gatehouse and walk around the vast grounds. Built in the midth century by the Orkney earl William Sinclair, many of the designs are supposedly connected to Freemasonry and the Knights Templar, and as a result Rosslyn Chapel has been the subject of many myths and legends.

From the outside, Rosslyn Chapel looks like a beautiful, mini cathedral.

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Founded in the s, the Cathedral has a long and illustrious history at the center of Scottish Catholic worship. With a long, narrow shape resembling a ship, the castle has been used as a residence, prison, artillery fortification and fortress over the centuries. Technological innovations were made in the 16th century and a cast iron pier with a gate and drawbridge was added in When the castle was restored between and , most of the 19th century additions were removed and the medieval era features of the castle were restored.

Though most of the buildings are empty today, the castle is open to the public as a historic monument. An exhibition provides insight into the history of the castle, including information about the powerful Crichton family, for whom it was built. Linlithgow Palace 46 Tours and Activities Linlithgow Palace is the classic romantic ruin, steeped in royal history and set beside a picturesque loch. It was begun in on the site of another palace that burnt down. Its halcyon period was during the reign of the Stuarts, who used it as a pleasure palace; it was particularly popular amongst the queens.

Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I lived there as babies. The palace is roofless now it was gutted by a fire in the eighteenth century , but plenty of the old grandeur remains. There's an impressive great hall and a magnificent three-tiered fountain in the courtyard - visit on Sundays in July and August to see it playing. It only flows with water occasionally to preserve the exquisite carvings of mermaids and musicians from erosion.

Edinburgh Castle

Despite its name, the house actually belonged to James Mossman, loyal goldsmith to Mary, Queen of Scots, who was eventually beheaded for counterfeiting once Edinburgh Castle surrendered in As well as offering the quickest driving route from the capital to the Scottish Highlands, the Forth Road Bridge also has cycling and walking lanes that are open to the public.

The striking red bridge is one of Scotland's most famous architectural icons and a remarkable feat of modern civil engineering, dating back over years. Royal Yacht Britannia 12 Tours and Activities The Royal Yacht Britannia hit the seas in , and took the British royal family around the world from then until , when she was decommissioned.

She's the 83rd royal yacht — the first belonged to Charles II in the s. Few yachts can boast such an illustrious career as the Royal Yacht Britannia, having sailed over a million miles and transported the British Royal Family on hundreds of official visits. National Museum of Scotland 16 Tours and Activities After undergoing an extensive makeover in , the National Museum of Scotland now boasts 16 additional galleries and thousands of never-seen-before artifacts.

Highlights include the Natural World Gallery, where the dramatic centerpiece is an enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton; the Victorian Grand Gallery, renowned for its spectacular architecture; and the stuffed body of Dolly the Sheep, famously the first successful mammal cloned from an adult cell. Princes Street 8 Tours and Activities Gracious Princes Street, with its epic length, gardens, stellar shopping, and knockout views, is the central vein of Edinburgh and one of Europe's great thoroughfares.

Why Princes Street? The street was hewn out as part of the building of the New Town in the 18th century.