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  2. Smartwork Volume II: Secrets of the Pros by Evan Graham
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Going over this stuff in depth, I realized two things - one , how much has changed since Singh's seminal tome. Two, how much Singh actually had to skim.

Includes tips on maintaining your dog's performance over his lifetime.

It takes a LOT to get all this covered, and it's excruciating grunt work with The book is ridiculously detailed. Have a look at the detailed ToC to see what I mean. Many topics are seeing the light of day outside Cupertino for the first time in history So, my apologies for a nother, seriously, the last delay, but better wait a bit longer than frustrate people who will buy Volume II v1.

And I know I proimsed it sooner in my previous two updates, but, real life and circumstances beyond my control, people. I hope you appreciate the update.

Cheap ways to improve your TV speakers - CNET

If you want to comment on this, please let me know via the forum. Sources are finally out. That said, there's holidays ahead and a much needed vacation I had hoped would be also to celebrate the completion of the books. So right now expect Volume II mid-late January Yeah, I know you're waiting And I appreciate that - but please understand there's this little thing called real life, too :- Volume II is absolutely going to be worth the wait, and I expect it to be the definitive XNU kernel reference for many years to come.

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So, it's been a while. I have a ton of illustrations showing the exact kernel structures and their offsets - and so I have to make sure I'm up to date and have the right field names which are lost during compilation. In other news, I realized that some stuff I've been pushing to Volume II - notably, networking - has so much user mode stuff in it that it would have been better in Volume I. Yes, that means an update to Volume I, but keeping with another tradition of publishing free chapters, expect that chapter Volume I's 16 th to be available as a PDF.

Keep an eye out on the Change Log for when it comes out.

Smartwork Volume II: Secrets of the Pros by Evan Graham

Buying the books in BTC hasn't looked so attractive in years.. But I'm not sure I want to risk it myself anymore.. Not to break an informal tradition - expect this to be released Oct-Nov this year, subject to AAPL being nice and releasing their Darwin 18 sources early like last time and please, with ARM64 again ;-. Because it doesn't make sense to publish a book about the kernel, which is the most important component of the system and the one most affected by Darwin versioning, only to have a new OS come out a few months later.

Watch this space for more news. Volume II is still in its infancy, but is shaping up to be the biggest and best-est of the trilogy! Lots of XNU stuff which was never covered in the 1st ed since it was added way later - thread level QoS, more schedulers, compressed memory, ledgers, vouchers, etc. Loads of examples will be given using Xnoop, my kernel inspection tool which will also be released officially by Technologeeks , hopefully sooner than the book is published.

Resurrect old PC speakers

It's not too late to submit requests via the website forum! Stay tuned for that. Yes, I know, longer than expected. I have a life and other things to take care of. But - at least when I say a book is coming you know it'll be there within a month standard deviation, eh? So: The book goes on sale effective NOW, through the link that's on the main page of the website. The first 50 copies will ship early december. The printing press I use is "swamped for the holidays". Why the link? Because AMZN has this referral program, and if I refer to my own book, they will refund me some of their really exorbitant fees.

A lot of people asked how they can make sure I get more money for my work and I thank them for it - This is really the only way, since I banned Paypal Or browse results titled :. Small tape label based out of Fargo, ND. I make tapes for my friends. Keeping music DIY one tape at a time. Contact See You Never Records.

Cheap ways to improve your TV speakers

Streaming and Download help. If you like See You Never Records, you may also like:. New Futures by Wild Wing. The raucous latest album from L. Across their latest, the Philadelphia punk quartet sift through the emotional wreckage of a dissolved relationship. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 25, Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 21, Carnage Bargain by The Paranoyds.

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Demo by Maladia. Snotty UK street punk meets reverb-drenched goth rock on this UK band's demo, offering six bursts of caustic camp. Lapse by Colony. Denver hardcore upstarts storm out the gate with four down-tempo crushers: finely-marbled red meat for the circle-pit set. Bandcamp Album of the Day May 16, Explore music.

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