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For all kids aged 8 and upwards this is just the most fun fighting game around that can be played in teams of 4. There are four different modes to play in too from Pistol to Shotgun, Machine gun to Rocket. If you are carrying on the fighting action into the evening and the light is now a bit dim, you can switch to night vision with the powerful LED light that is built into the blaster.

Hours of fun for all the family and the perfect game for an 8-year-old boys birthday party. They will just love with ArmoGear Blaster and Vest set. As originally featured on the Shark Tank, this is a fun and active, super competitive game that ideally requires 4 people and some outdoor space. Take to the beach, play in your back garden, in your basement or wherever takes your fancy. The more advanced you get at Spikeball , the more you can increase the challenge by tightening the net to restrict the bounce.

Prepare to get grossed out but in a totally cool way with this Disgusting Science Kit. It really does make the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in science and who wants to understand better what really goes on in their bodies. The kind of stuff that boys think is just hilarious. With this kit, they can create a stinky intestine, slimy snot and also their own fake blood plus learn how to grow bacteria and molds too. All friendly of course and totally fun. Eight-year-olds need to be creatively challenged and stimulated and encouraged to use critical skills like reasoning, logic, and planning.

The objective of this Gravity Maze game is to build your own maze that will carry one single marble all the way from the starting position to the target tower provided by forming a series of towers along the grid. From beginners level suitable for that eight-year-old all the way up to advanced combinations that Dad might want to get involved with too. Multi award-winning, this Stomp Rocket can travel over feet into the air to power up the night sky and is totally controlled and powered by the child. All they need to do is run, jump and stomp to catapult the foam glow in the dark rockets into the sky and see how far they can travel.

A fantastic gift idea or stocking filler this Christmas time. Presented in a beautiful wooden Deluxe box , give your child the incredible gift of magic with this wonderful classic set which features 10 illusion and magic tricks that they can easily master but which look incredibly impressive. These are all famous tricks but with instructions that your child can easily follow. The fabulous hinged wooden box can be used to store materials and also doubles up as a performance space.

Hammer Hoops are a great idea for kids and parents alike. With this fab invention, they can shoot some hoops while at the same time clearing their clothes away. So they get hours of fun playing basketball in their bedroom and Mom just has to empty the large removable laundry basket. Sounds like a clear winner all round to us! Installing with its basic over the door design is easy. Lego is a solid choice as a gift for boys and girls of all ages and will never go out of fashion or popularity. The windshield can be removed so that the minifigure who even comes with his own helmet can jump into the cockpit ready to hit the track and claim the trophy.

The car features race graphic stickers, rubber tires, and those classic red racing colors. With this Lego Speed set, give you boy a taste of life in the fast lane. This is a genuinely exceptional pop-up book which is beautifully illustrated by famous artists in this category, Sabuda, and Reinart.

There are over 35 mesmerizing and stunningly captivating pop-ups to explore alongside a myriad of interesting facts and information about these prehistoric creatures. Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs makes the most wonderful gift idea and one that will be cherished for many years to come. With simple snap and fit pieces, over of them no less, creative construction has never been so simple or so much imaginative fun. This set even comes with an extractor tool so that you can quickly disassemble ready to start building the next model. Go with a motorcycle or even a bulldozer, plus with an attachable battery powered motor provided in this kit too, your eight-year-old will have even more hours of fun making his models move backward and forwards.

Everything needed is included from wheels and pulleys, to string, clamps and so much more. Give them the opportunity to become a little engineer with this fabulous National Geographic kit.

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A unique and imaginative gift idea that will introduce your child or grandchild to the wonderful world of astronomy but in a completely immersive and hands-on way. With this kit from 4M KidzLabs, they must assemble the Solar System themselves, even painting the planets the correct colors too. Recreate a fascinating mini-planetarium which also glows in the dark.

These make great gifts as they are very educational. More Lego did we hear you cry?

Vernie even has his own pet, Frankie the Cat who plays and purrs and can express his mood. Besides Vernie, your child can also build a Guitar complete with sound effects and an M. R 4 versatile rover with its own spring-loaded shooter. This is going to be one Christmas present that is certain to deliver hours of enjoyment as well as developing STEM skills and introducing your child to coding and robotics. Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit is a great present idea that is just perfect for a curious 8-year-old boy who is getting to grips with new hobbies and activities.

This innovative kit contains over 30 color-coded, circuit components that snap together to create working electronic circuits. There are over DIY projects that should keep even the most inquisitive child quietly occupied for hours.

EthicsWatch: UK - Living Grid points the way to a smarter energy network

Replicate common circuit boards that power televisions and radios, a musical doorbell and even a light police siren. This is a fantastic kit that will introduce your child to the fundamentals of solar power and the importance of renewable materials but in an enjoyable, interesting and hands-on way. Explore two worlds with the one kit green science and solar energy. All the parts are included that are required to build a fully functioning Rover. All your child will need is to then power it up outdoors in the sunshine.

Christmas Gifts for Kids and Families who Travel

Two things most boys love combined in one fantastic present! Lego and Spaceships. This has to be the perfect gift idea and one that will deliver hours of fun and enjoyment. There are pieces in this kit and a 3-in-1 model to be built including a Space Shuttle with an opening payload bay and robotic arms, a detailed Space Rover that has a drilling arm and a separate Moon Station. A minifigure astronaut is also included.

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For the budding photographer in the family, this VTech Kidizoom is a smart choice and will get them interested in snapping pics with a reliable and robust camera that even has a voice recording feature. A great way to start capturing and recording those exciting childhood memories. Star Wars.

Anthony Stark (Earth) | Marvel Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Alarm Clock. This is a super gift idea for the eight-year-old boy in your life. Grid 3 is a complete communication solution that enables people to have a voice, control their environment and live more independent lives. Start exploring the software today with our 60 day free trial, available on any Windows PC or tablet.

Download Grid 3 now. Grid 3 is designed with AAC users in mind. There are many readymade resources for everyone to explore, from powerful communication tools for text to grid sets for communicating with symbols and developing literacy. Super Core, a new research-based core vocabulary, makes it easier for early AAC users to get started and experience success with symbol communication. Core vocabulary sits alongside activity-specific language, with powerful features that make it simpler to form phrases and communicate meaning. Smart Grammar features in combination with next-word prediction, make it easier for symbol users to quickly build phrases and clearly communicate meaning.

Text Talker is packed with innovative features to make communicating as fast and efficient as possible. You can quickly generate messages in the moment and prepare for conversations in advance. In Fast Talker, apps for everything sit alongside your text communication grid set. Making it easy to switch from sending an email to browsing the web or catching up on your work. The patented Chat History feature will always suggest phrases based on when you last said something and where you are; using our integrated location aware technology.

Included in all of our text communication resources, this ground breaking feature makes communicating with text more efficient than ever before. You can use Grid 3 with any type of alternative access, from eye gaze and switch to touch and pointing devices. You can even set it up with multiple access options and switch between them to suit your changing needs throughout the day. Personalising resources is simple, or you can even create your own. Whether you prefer larger text, high contrast colours or larger cells to target — everything is possible!

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And your profile and content can be backed up and stored safely in the cloud. Remote editing enables anyone to edit resources and get support, from anywhere in the world. This means that parents and professionals can collaborate on personalising content. Any changes you make are automatically updated, so long as your device is online and Remote Editing is turned on. Accessible apps enable you to browse the web, use social media and so much more. There are grid sets for everything from making a quick phone call and sending a quick text or email, to updating your Facebook page and watching videos on YouTube.

Whether you are just starting out with communication, or using AAC while studying or in the workplace, there are tools to support you through your day-to-day life. Computer control gives you full access to Windows using eye gaze, pointing devices, or switch. Using any device with infrared and radio technology, Grid 3 helps you to take control of the devices in your home, and operate anything from televisions and lights, to heaters and beds.

There is even a collection of Simple Environment Control grid sets to get you started. Learn through exploration and play with Interactive Learning — 25 animated activities introducing cause and effect and choice making. This is also a fun way to practice your access skills.

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