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Returns Accepted. This could have the effect of a hemiola, or a four-against-three kind of rhythm. Go ahead, mark out threes in one hand and fours in the other. In other works, the colored notes indicate triplet effects three short notes against a single beat.

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All of these types of notes were marked in red. White notes not filled in—hollow heads were used for special purposes in the Italian trecento. In the first part of the 15 th century, white notes replaced black ones for all the values, and in the latter half of that century, the semi-minim a medium-length note of one beat lost its tail and became black, and notes of shorter value—also black—appeared with increasing numbers of tails until the same divisions we have today white for everything from a half note—minim—and longer, and black for the quarter note—semi-minim—and shorter.

In the 14 th through the 16 th century, coloring a note red meant that the performer lopped a third of the length right off: Red notes were quicker than black notes. In isorhythmic music repeating rhythmic patterns , the red notes indicated a series of repeated notes in the cantus firmus line. Through the 18 th century, the red notes indicated wild ornamentation, either written or improvised.


If you have more—or differing—research. Oxford University Press, London, The Mediaeval Academy of America, Cambridge, Penguin Books, Baltimore, Posted in Uncategorized. Version 20 July Harmonised Standards RE Directive. Technical Guidance Note RED as applied to vehicles; version 2 is in development. Multiple Transmitters and Receivers Version 1. On NB assessments for Article 3.

United States Note

Rev 2. On RED Article On SWR meters. Guidance on real test results in test reports. Guidance on Technical Documentation June Guidance on Acoustical Safety August