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Further Info Transcript Credits. Following the war, homes were built quickly using prefabricated parts. A council decision to replace them is being fought.

Memorial Bench Stories By Smith Steelworks - Episode 1

In this workshop, held over three days at the Southville centre, we find out why. As a driving instructor I used to bring pupils around the Ashton Vale area on numerous occasions.

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The wooden seat had been there for years and years. Clang sound created by Acclivity, Freesound.

A Wooden Bench | Bristol Stories

Bench picture created by orangeacid flickr. Broken window picture created by Nicobobinius flickr. Broken bottles created by GirlReporter flickr. Graffiti picture created by net efekt flickr.

Six fascinating projects from the 12222 Computation + Journalism Symposium in Miami

The aim of the research was to determine what level of customization the trending stories algorithm supported from user to user by collecting data from Amazon Mechanical Turk and through their own semi-automated data collection system. It also skews more heavily toward soft news related to entertainment, sports and celebrities. While word cloud visualizations and similar types of simple tools are widely available on the web, the more sophisticated textual analysis software and code unfortunately remain the domain of experts and users of languages like R and Python.

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Sentiment analysis is frequently misunderstood and these apps provide some transparency into how those scores are calculated. These apps, though still only prototypes, point to the possibility of a broader ecosystem of similar deadline-friendly apps for newsrooms that could provide them with greater analytical power and higher-level insights, specifically around textual and sentiment analysis of political speeches or social media ads, for instance.

Respondents evaluated multiple headlines from multiple news sources, and were asked whether they believed the headline to be credible.

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Based on this admittedly limited pool of respondents, it seemed that subjects were more likely to believe headlines that aligned with their own personal politics, and that the political leanings of a headline impacted credibility more than the source itself did. This study from Northwestern University proposes that belief-driven data journalism results in stronger reader engagement.

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They looked at four case studies centered around four different news stories, with each representing key data in different ways. Using pre-existing psychological research, they considered how different visualizations might be interpreted by the average reader, and they used that information to inform their development of a tool that generates reader-facing belief-driven visualizations. Belief-driven data journalism is a ripe area of opportunity. Researchers at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Mississippi examined approximately 60, news articles to audit the usage of social media as a source.

In a country where tweets from the president often drive news coverage, they were interested in seeing how often these occasionally unreliable sources are cited in stories across a wide range of media outlets. Social media content in news has doubled in the last five years, and is used more by small outlets than by mainstream outlets.